Personal Policy  

            www management in personal, Policy of increase the data in my website with out profit, no company system and execute management by only me. Which may be something wrong but I try to correct those after finding the problems.

             Links  Policy  :
                   All links lead you to the other Website from beginning of Web site which the relation communication may be occur during on those website for example :require personal data, the payment goods, or present the data by those website.My website won’t be responsible to something wrong from those website because my website’s policy no purpose the profit, no make the page of web about the payment, no make the page of webpage which require your personal data : As duty to introduce,Link you to the other website which no charge. (Web-stats.)

             Information Website  :
                   To Master Web or owner product and service. If you want to increase and information Website or goods, your service send to pass my website for convenient to management Links. So I recommend you use service of and after that you can be inform your need  at with your product data to my website. I confirm in your website to information counter in free but may have a condition about relation subject in your website and can be participate with subject as present. 

              Link Exchangs ( SEO) Search engine optimization  :
If you no accept the condition in subject information of website or your website no accept from and if this website has the useful. I may creating links ( hoping to make SEO) which page is OK and no charge. That isn’t problem if you don’t create Links to my website. I will consider it as duty.